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Happy birthday Andy Warhol

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Huffington Post does a nice tribute to the man most famously known for delivering Pop Art to us and THAT Marilyn Monroe portrait.

Andy Warhol tribute

Graphic Designer Maps 13 Legendary World Cup Moments

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From Mashable:
“Love watching the World Cup but have no idea what’s going on? Maybe this will help.

Graphic designer Rick Hincks created minimalist posters of some of the World Cup’s greatest moments.

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The posters, available for purchase on Etsy or Hincks’ personal site, break down some of the most iconic moments of this year’s tournament, with a few legendary plays of past World Cups thrown in as well. Each poster includes a handy key, mapping each important players’ movements around the field.

If you haven’t gotten enough of Luis Suarez’s brief flirtation with cannibalism, Hincks has beautifully recreated the moment in poster-form.”


Art by Tyree Patrick

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Art by Tyree Patrick

We love the HBO show “Game of Thrones” and we love Daenerys Targaryen. This artist did an excellent job of depicting the…

9 Helpful Resume Design Tutorials

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9 Helpful Resume Design Tutorials

From the folks over at Tutorials Share, here are some good resources for resume design. Resume Design is an important element…